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Although known as a carpenter, artist, investigative reporter and writer, Dean Gray considers community activism his occupational description. Dean also served as Planning Commissioner for the city of Desert Hot Springs from January 2014 to January 2015 when he resigned.

Dean M GrayDean exercises his art and design creativity with sculpture, drawing and painting in addition to website development and graphic design. Additional work as a multi-media public relations consultant and political campaign manager is interspersed with time spent as a master carpenter.

His appearance on the Judge Judy television show seen by 10 million people when Dean Gray won a judgement of false arrest after his stopping someone from drunk driving. The Riverside County district attorney refused to prosecute. The video can be seen on YouTube.

Dean Gray has been published in local newspapers, magazines and hometown journals since 1968 when he first became interested in politics and involved in community. At the age of 16 Dean was featured in a full page article in the Long Beach Press Telegram examining his community involvement as President of the Long Beach Young Republicans, an organization represented by all five high schools in the city. Then college student and now congressman Dana Rohrabacher was his mentor.

Over the years covering hyperlocal news and producing investigative reports became Dean’s unique writing specialty, mostly focused on local government politics such as city councils and local agencies.

The product of Dean’s written work has been valuable in exposing government corruption and mismanagement as well uncovering illegal activities and exposing government secrets having spoken to the FBI and the Grand Jury. Both broadcast news on radio and television, as well as the daily newspaper, followed-up on breaking news first published with his investigative reports.

This notoriety defined Dean as the “The Most Dangerous Man in the City” of Desert Hot Springs and made him the target of anonymous threats and the subject of misleading lies. His recent article exposed a convicted domestic terrorist pretending to be deaf and using a fake name while worming his way into local city politics. Another series examined another individual fraudulently representing himself as a security alarm contractor who plead guilty to the crime of doing business as an unlicensed contractor and guilty to falsely misrepresenting his services sold to the city of Desert Hot Springs.

The weekly local newspaper broadcast hundreds of his articles.

News stories found at Desert Vortex News created a backlash of unsubstantiated fabrications and innuendo attempting to discredit Dean’s news reporting. Although a resident of the city for 14 years he was never “on the inside” of Desert Hot Springs politics. Even after single handily organizing residents and Americorp to save lives by building curbs and sidewalks on busy city streets he won little respect.

There were those offended by his writing about Desert Hot Springs mayor Yvonne Parks and threatened to kill Dean for his written words. Dean’s investigative reports of the city’s police and city hall corruption left him no friends in those departments. Finally finally leaving the city in 2015 Dean was grateful to get out alive as the small poor city of Desert Hot Springs was identified as one of the most crime ridden cities in all of California.

Civic leader Dot Reed offensively said Dean’s writing was equally “as damaging to the city as the gangs of murderers who roam our streets.”

A special new law was enacted in the city of Desert Hot Springs known as “The Dean Gray Law.” This addition to the municipal code prohibits use of the city seal without permission of the city council. Dean’s new series of illegal paintings of the city seal violates that law.

Dean is also the only world authority concerning the magic of the Desert Hot Springs Energy Vortex and is the singular certified distributor of genuine Vortex Rox.

As for spiritual matters Dean worships in The Church of Fun for which he now serves as an elder. The urge to write independently began with The Truth. He now lives both in Palm Desert [publishing Desert Vortex News] and Belmont Shore, California [Beach City News]

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Art Kunkin’s LA Free Press and Paul Krasner’s The Realist

Zap Comix and Robert Crumb and Rick Griffin

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

plus the four jacks… Jack London, Jack Kerouac, Jack Nickolson, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Hilda M. Gray, Saul Alinsky, Manly P. Hall, Uncle Bob, Frank Zappa, Dion Fortune, Hugh Wiley, Thomas Paine, Marcel Duchamp, Mike Teplanski, Benjamin Franklin, Mae West, Sun Tzu, William Wallace, Charlie Bettis, Samuel Clemens, Siddhārtha Gautama, Joan of Arc, Jeff Beck, Pamela and Deanna Fountain
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Dean M Gray

Writer, Artist & Publisher at Desert Vortex News
Dean started in the newspaper business at the age of nine earning 90 cents a week walking 3 miles delivering a newspaper door to door. After 500 miles he eventually then began writing his way out of a paper bag and traveling uphill.

For over 40 years Dean has been published in a variety of small newspapers and magazines. As publisher he founded an alternative city weekly newspaper in 2008 and published over 200 uninterrupted issues over 4 years to over 20,000 readers via 800 locations (and online) before selling the business. Now online with over 3 million readers worldwide.

Dean is a Master Carpenter and the author of the biography of Hilda M Gray, desert homesteader. He served as Planning Commissioner for the city of Desert Hot Springs from January 2014 to January 2015 when he resigned.

Dean M Gray is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and Investigative Reporters and Editors and lives in Palm Desert, California.
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