A Family of Teachers

A Family of Teachers
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Born Into It

Dean Gray was born into a family of teachers. Dean’s mother Jean Houser graduated from Banning High School in 1938, then graduated Pomona College with a mathematics degree, obtained teaching certification and taught high school math in Burlingame, California.

Dean’s grandmother was also a teacher. Not long after obtaining a teaching degree from the Nebraska State Normal School at Kearney (now University of Nebraska) his maternal grandmother Margaret Saunders moved to the west coast to work for the Long Beach Unified School District in the Library, with Athletics Programs and the city’s Parks and Recreation Department.

Way back in the mid 1880s Dean’s maternal great grandmother Florence Ritchey was school teacher in McZena, Ohio. Ms. Richey was just two years older than David Houser, a student in her 12th grade class. Although young Mr. Houser was an average student he apparently excelled in other ways. Two years after his graduation they married.

Another teacher relative of Dean’s is Hilda M Gray who graduated in 1894 from the Peabody Normal College for teachers at Vanderbilt University. Ms. Gray taught elementary school around Houston and Galveston, Texas where she was instrumental in establishing Galveston’s first teacher’s association, serving as secretary for the organizing committee.

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